amiable (adj) - having or displaying a friendly and pleasant manner

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"I’m just trying to not let anybody down.”

Darla Deering, FF 06

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Darla Deering is here to give tips on how to carry around your tiny boyfriend

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rihanna as darla deering


The FF (the backup team of the Fantastic Four) are back, (sans Medusa), in issue 4 of the current series. With all the rebooting and relaunching, it’s nice that the new writer incorporates past aspects of the series.

See my previous piece of the two gals here, and the full team here, and another of Darla here.

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snickfic asked:
"Jen/Darla. Uh. (This is hard; one of them is a lawyer and the other is a pop star and they're both superheroes, and that wipes out a lot of possible AUs!) Okay, Olympics AU, sports your choice. :D"


"Hey, hey," Jen says, and points at Darla with the running shoe she’s about to put on. "You qualified just the same as the rest of us, so you don’t get to fritz out on us now. Just think of all of the interviews you’d have to do if you quit now."

"You’re right, you’re right," Darla says, and she puts her arm out in front of her. "It’s just, I can’t stop shaking! What if I run into one of the hurdles?"

"You this bad before every tournament, or just the Olympics?" Jen asks, and tosses her a bottle of water. "Come on, if you clear all of ‘em I’ll buy you a drink once this is over."

Darla beats the olympic record. But, then, so does Jen. It’s hard to get too stressed out about which of them gets gold and which of them gets silver, after that. Especially after Jen buys Darla dinner to make it up to her.

the only place


“The World’s Smartest Man thing is bullshit, you know,” Jen says to Scott later that evening, when she’s working on some Lawyer Stuff and he’s looking for something to eat. The kitchen is quiet, and the rest of the building isn’t. Some of the children are playing hide-and-seek, but there’s nowhere to hide in here. She’s got a spoon in her mouth from the yoghurt she’s eating and she’s staring murderously at a sheet of paper, but she looks up and quirks her mouth up a bit when Scott doesn’t say anything back.

“You’ve met him,” Scott says.

“I’ve met a man who I’m surprised remembers to smile when something pleases him, yeah,” Jen says. “Law school teaches you stuff, though. Like. Everybody’s plenty smart and everybody’s fuckin’ stupid.”

Scott never went to college so he never learnt any such thing, but he doesn’t really want to say that to Jen. 

(read the rest here)

i can finally link to this! it’s the fanfic i wrote for beyond panels, it’s been up for a few days but came off anonymous today.

3862 words, scott lang/darla deering.

it’s set after the end of the recent run of FF, and a lot of other characters crop up (mostly bentley and onome, but reed’s in there also. and jen!!)

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